Girl Rising is a movie produced by Kayce Freed, Tom Yellin and Holly Gordon at The Documentary Group in partnership with Paul G. Allen and Jody Allen of Vulcan Productions.[1]It was directed by Academy Award nominee Richard E. Robbins and features narration by Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Selena Gomez, Liam Neeson, Priyanka Chopra, Chloë Grace Moretz, Freida Pinto, Salma Hayek, Meryl Streep, Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington.[2]The movie tells the stories of nine girls from nine countries: (SierraLeone, Haiti, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Peru, Egypt, Nepal, India and Cambodia).[3] Each girl had her story written by a writer from her country and voiced by renowned actors. Their stories reflect their struggles to overcome societal or cultural barriers. The writers are Loung Ung (Cambodia), Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Manjushree Thapa (Nepal), Mona Eltahawy (Egypt), Maaza Mengiste (Ethiopia), Sooni Taraporevala (India), Maria Arana (Peru), Aminatta Forna (Sierra Leone), Zarghuna Kargar (Afghanistan). The girls’ names are Sokha (Cambodia), Wadley (Haiti), Suma (Nepal), Yasmin (Egypt), Azmera (Ethiopia), Ruksana (India), Senna (Peru), Mariama (Sierra Leone) and Amina (Afghanistan).

“I will read. I will study. I will learn. If you try to stop me, I will just try harder.”

This phrase encapsulates the true meaning of this film. Nine girls who have only one goal: asserting their rights, as they not just women, but human beings. We could talk about nine poor countries or nine insignificant land for many people but we are talking about the entire world, because when a girl can not go to school just cause is a girl, it is not a town, a city or a country but it is the entire world which is “ill”.

ILL of injustices, ill of denied rights, ill of indifference.  The film is also fair. It gives the girls a voice, which sadly has a lot to say about abuse at the hands of men, and being subordinated by both men and women. But it makes an effort to show positive male figures, like protective brothers and nurturing fathers. We have a double face of the same medal…The man are not monster, but as in all the things some of them are wrong, some of them are right.

In my opinion the most impressive story of this film is about Ruksana. Ruksana’s family are “pavement dwellers” – living on the streets of Kolkata, India, where her father has sacrificed everything to send his daughters to school. Ruksana’s life is filled with danger but she escapes into her artwork and draws strength from her father’s resolve. Poverty is a significant issue in India, despite having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, clocked at a growth rate of 7.6% in 2015, and a sizable consumer economy: Deutsche Bank Research estimated that there are nearly 300 million people who are middle class.[1] If current trends continue, India’s share of world GDP will significantly increase from 7.3% in 2016 to 8.5% by 2020.[2] In 2015, around 170 million people, or 12.4%, lived in poverty (defined as $1.90 (Rs 123.5), a reduction from 29.8% in 2009.

Ruksana doesn’t want to stop her dreams, to stop her pictures, to stop her creativity. Her parrots and butterflies will fly forever. I was so surprised while i was seeing this story, i saw a father who didn’t want forgive up, he wanted make his daughter happy even if buying a notebook and some colours meant losing an entire salary.

“That’s when I learned to never give up.” 

All stories are beautiful, but the Ruksana’s one leaves hope for the viewer and makes it clear that no one should give up their dreams. Ruksana’s family is poor of money but rich of feelings and at the end the money go away, the feelings remain.


I am totally agree about this phrase, not just for girls but all those who are suffering from oppression. Everyone can be part of a revolution! We have to believe in our goals, we can fall thousand times but in the end we will always rise again. Dreams are stronger than a gun, rights are stronger than the dictators, EDUCATION is essential for the society as the water for the fish or the sky for the birds. In some countries, they still believe girls belong at home, not in school, and this has changed the concept of education from a right to an exclusive privilege. In many countries, girls are considered liabilities or burdens. They have no chance in life; they must follow the footsteps of the women who came before them. No school, just housework, fetching water, carrying and caring for babies. Girls are silenced, muted and unimportant.


I just didn’t find the documentary itself very entertaining. They tried to use a variety of cinematographic techniques, but it simply failed to entertain me. It is worth watching for the eye-opening statistics, but you may feel like your history teacher didn’t feel like teaching today and popped in a video. The message is wonderful but i didn’t have the same feeling in all the stories, some of them are “stronger” than others.


They do not consider themselves as victims. This is right. They are not victims, they are fighters against the oppression of their rights and dreams. I have noticed that all of them had the smile on their faces. The smile as symbol of TENACITY.

First of all people who are not already familiar with this issue should see this film. The strongest message that this film give to the viewer is the force that some humans should have to face every day a denial of freedom. Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. Today, it is girls who have the least access to education. They make up more than 54% of the non-schooled population in the world. This problem occurs most frequently in Arab States, in central Asia and in Southern and Western Asia and is principally explained by the cultural and traditional privileged treatment given to males. Girls are destined to work in the family home, whereas boys are entitled to receive an education.



OD: Operation Day

It is an important opportunity that is presented each year to the students of Fagerlia. It is essential that the more people participate, only together we can change a small part of the world. This year it will be focused on Nigeria and its pollution.inquinamento nigeria.jpg

Current environmental problems in Nigeria have become great threat to Nigerian environment and nature in general. Environmental pollution in Nigeria requires great attention! Let’s ha

ve a look at most essential issues and discuss the best solutions to current environmental problems in the country.
Risultati immagini per inquinamento nigeria

The socio economic and ecological importance of conservation of the environment is incontestable; however, total environmental conservation is an ephemeral goal, if development is to take place.


Charlottesville: where will our freedom go?

Read about violence is always painful and if possible, even more when the basis of hatred there is a reason related to a concept so incostintent as to breed.

The chronichle tells us that in Charlottesville, Virginia, violent clashesbroke out between a group of white nationalists and a motorcade anti-racist.

It’s important for everyone, especially white people in the U.S., to speak out against this. Ignoring it is just as bad as supporting it. And remember, there are people who have given their lives to make sure this kind of hate doesn’t spread.
They fought and died on the right side of history. But when the most important person in the world, the president of the U.S., doesn’t condemn the evil by its name; we all lose.

Speaking at his New Jersey golf club immediately after the violence, Mr Trump said:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.

It’s the words “on many sides” people have a problem with.

At the end of his press conference, Mr Trump left the podium, ignoring reporters’ questions about whether he wanted the support of white nationalists who say they back him, or if the apparent car attack constituted an act of terrorism.

We should call evil by its name. My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home. -OGH

As if that wasn’t enough in the society of 21st century, we have a problem called fake news, affecting our freedom of reasoning. Althought i’m completely anti-trump I must admit that there have been numerous speculations on these tragic facts. We didn’t hear much about is the fact that, as abhorrent as they are, the redneck dimwits had a valid permit to stage their rallies.  It’s sad, but it is a reality in our free society that clown shows like these people get to stage peaceful rallies if properly permitted.  That’s what the first amendment guarantees.  When properly managed by local officials and law enforcement, there is no reason for anyone to get hurt.
But without forgetting…

Gender equality: basis for a good society

Gender equality is an everyone issue which is not strictly limited to creating advantages for women. The famous  video of Jennifer Lopez’s song “I ain’t your mama” can explain clearly what am i talking about. In every scene, J. Lo not only rebels against the men who are exploiting her, but also calls for every woman to rally against the men who are oppressing them. YES! I KNOW! The men who oppress the women don’t exist in each country and in every society, especially in Europgender equality jlo.jpge but even we have already a big problem.

Why is gender equality important?

Gender equality is intrinsically linked to sustainable development and is vital to the realization of human rights for all. The overall objective of gender equality is a society in which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all spheres of life. Equality between men and women exists when both sexes are able to share equally in the distribution of power and influence; have equal opportunities for financial independence through work or through setting up businesses; enjoy equal access to education and the opportunity to develop personal ambitions, interests and talents; share responsibility for the home and children and are completely free from coercion, intimidation and gender-based violence both at work and at home. Gender equality is not good just for women but for all the society. Mckinsey January 2015 report found that gender-diverse companies are 15 percent more likely to outperform companies rated in the bottom.

A woman of name Hillary Clinton said us once “We need to make equal pay and equal opportunity for women and girls a reality so women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights once and for all”. That’s the point.

In 1915, on the eve of one of the great suffrage demonstrations down Fifth Avenue in New York City, a writer in New York wrote an article in a magazine, and the title of the article was, “Feminism for Men.”And this was the first line of that article:

“Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free.”